Audio Technica AT5040 130x130 image

Audio Technica AT5040

A Professional condenser featuring a smooth top-end response, the AT5040 is a vocals-first microphone but also versatile with full-ranged instruments.... Know more

Audio Technica AT5047 130x130 image

Audio Technica AT5047

Pro-line flat response microphone, can be used on vocals as well as instruments... Know more

AKG P120 130x130 image

AKG P120

A Warm-toned Multipurpose cardioid condenser microphone designed for studio environents, equipped with bass-cut filter and -20dB attenuator pads.... Know more

AKG D230 130x130 image

AKG D230

A handheld omnidirectional dynamic ENG microphone designed for journalism or capturing speech.... Know more

AKG D12 VR 130x130 image


A Large diaphragm dynamic "kick drum" microphone coming with 4 frequency response configurations designed to match the tonal character of your taste.... Know more

AKG D7 130x130 image


A super-cardioid, dynamic and colored microphone with powerful bass, tailored for vocals for use in live / onstage environments... Know more

AKG D40 130x130 image


A compact dynamic instrument microphone with mildly-sharp tonality designed for use in live environments, useful for recording drums, percussion, wind instruments, guitar amps etc.... Know more

AKG P2 130x130 image


An entry-level "Highs" clarity dynamic bass microphone designed for live recording.... Know more

AKG P3 130x130 image


A truly multipurpose dynamic microphone primarily endorsed for live instrument performances. It's also suited for backing vocals, band singing and karaoke. ... Know more

Sennheiser e845 130x130 image

Sennheiser e845

Featuring a super-cardioid/tight polar pattern, the Sennheiser e845 is essentially a vocal microphone with flat frequency response having a slightly emphasized presence. Its for those who need natural output without any color.... Know more

Sennheiser e865 130x130 image

Sennheiser e865

For those who want the feeling of studio on a stage. The sennheiser e865 is a professional-grade handheld condenser microphone designed for stage vocals while also versatile for a range of instruments.... Know more

Shure PGA48 130x130 image

Shure PGA48

Reproduces clean and precise output with a boost in intelligibility/presence. The Shure PGA48 is an entry-level priced cardioid dynamic microphone excellent for Speech vocals. ... Know more

Shure PGA52 130x130 image

Shure PGA52

Natural reproduction of sound without much color, the Shure PGA58 is designed for recording or performing lead/backing vocals and suits a wide range of voices/styles.... Know more

Shure PGA56 130x130 image

Shure PGA56

Designed for toms/snare and other mid range instruments with natural sound reproduction. Its economical and elegant microphone designed by Shure... Know more

Shure PGA57 130x130 image

Shure PGA57

Entry level microphone optimized for natural reproduction of harmonically rich, low to upper-mid range instruments and amps.... Know more

Shure PGA58 130x130 image

Shure PGA58

Natural reproduction of sound without much color, the Shure PGA58 is designed for recording or performing lead/backing vocals and suits a wide range of voices/styles.... Know more

Shure PGA81 130x130 image

Shure PGA81

A quality entry-level SD condenser microphone useful for miking full range instruments, mostly endorsed for acoustic guitar and string instruments.... Know more

Shure PGA181 130x130 image

Shure PGA181

A flat response semi-large diaphragm condenser microphone with natural response ideal for instruments but versatile enough for vocals as well. Comes with a lollipop form factor.... Know more

Shure PGA98D 130x130 image

Shure PGA98D

A small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with goose-neck form factor. Primarily optimized for mid-range drums such as tom/snares.... Know more

AKG P5S 130x130 image


An entry-level professional dynamic microphone with supercardioid polar pattern designed for live/onstage lead vocals.... Know more

AKG P4 130x130 image


A dynamic microphone with high SPL capacity designed for capturing live instruments or amps... Know more

AKG D112 MKii 130x130 image

AKG D112 MKii

Large diaphragm dynamic microphone tailored for kick drums. The AKG D112 MKii is priced at entry-level but its an industry standard when it comes to miking kick drums.... Know more

AKG D5 130x130 image


A truly multipurpose warm-toned, low-cut microphone coming with supercardioid polar pattern that works well for vocals as well as instruments.... Know more

Shure PGA27 130x130 image

Shure PGA27

Large Diaphragm condenser microphone. The Shure PGA27 features a sharp tonality with high pass filter that's switchable to accentuate the lows or capture deep, detailed bass.... Know more

Sennheiser e835 130x130 image

Sennheiser e835

An entry-level handheld dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern designed for stage vocals, speeches and PA use. Its a part of the Sennheiser "evolution 800" series that are designed primarily for vocals.... Know more