Sennheiser e835 image

Sennheiser e835

Make Brand Sennheiser
Series Evolution
  • Multipurpose
  • General Vocals
  • Speech Vocals
  • Live
Multipurpose vocal microphone with focus on presence

The sennheiser e835 is a handheld cardioid dynamic mic designed for stage vocals, speeches and PA use. Its a well balanced versatile mic that works very well with baritone/tenor.

Featuring a high SPL capacity of 150dB, the distortion threshold is very high, which makes it ideal for high SPL applications like metal vocals.

This mic is  known for its powerful presence and clarity which is beneficial for speeches, presentations, stage vocals etc.

The proximity effect is not very pronounced on the front and doesn’t effect the bass that much with varying distances, however due to the cardioid pickup pattern, it doesn’t do well from the sides.

Frequency Response Graph
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Sennheiser e835 Frequency Response Graph

Technical Specifications

Transducer Type Dynamic
Form Factor
  • End-Address
  • Handheld
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Bandwidth 40Hz - 18000Hz
Sensitivity 2.7 mV/Pa
Output Impedance 350 Ω
Rated Input Impedance 2000 Ω
Max. Spl 150 dB SPL
Self Noise N/A
Signal to noise Ratio N/A
On/Off Switch Yes, Optional
Pads N/A
Connector XLR
Dimensions N/A(L) x N/A(B) x 180mm(H) x 48mm(D)
Weight 330 grams