Shure PGA57 image

Shure PGA57

Make Brand SHURE
Series PG Alta
  • Multipurpose
  • Singing Vocals
  • Live

The Shure PGA 57 is an entry-level dynamic instrument microphone with cardioid pickup pattern. Its optimized for natural reproduction of harmonically rich, low to upper-mid range instruments or amps.

Its mostly compared with the SM57 because the tonal character of both the mics are almost identical, however the PGA57 has less color comparatively.

One may also find the PGA57 slightly noisier in the top-end as compared to the SM57. Though, you won’t notice it unless you have observed both the mics.

The build of the PGA57 is very solid and it comes with a black metallic finish which is very appealing. Weighing just 280 grams, Its also very forgiving for rigorous rough use cases.

Frequency Response Graph
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Shure PGA57 Frequency Response Graph

Technical Specifications

Transducer Type Dynamic
Form Factor Handheld
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Bandwidth 70Hz - 15000Hz
Sensitivity 1.5 mV/Pa
Output Impedance 150 Ω
Rated Input Impedance 2000 Ω
Max. Spl 156 dB SPL
Self Noise N/A
Signal to noise Ratio N/A
On/Off Switch No
Pads N/A
Connector XLR
Dimensions 164mm(L) x N/A(B) x N/A(H) x 48.5mm(D)
Weight 280 grams