AKG D40 image


Make Brand AKG Acoustics
Series Reference Dynamic
  • Mid-Range Instruments
  • Bass Instruments
  • Live
  • Studio
Compact dynamic instrument microphone

The AKG D40 is an entry-level light-weight dynamic microphone, designed for recording low-mid range instruments in live environments such as drums, percussion, wind-instruments and guitar amps.

Note that this mic comes with a wide cardioid polar pattern (without the 180° null point ).

It’s equipped with AKG’s patented varimotion diaphragm (thick) thats capable of dampening high resonance peaks, producing a clean and balanced output for high-impact instruments such as drums.

The effective frequency response bandwidth of the AKG D40 ranges between 50Hz – 20000Hz.

The mic has got an almost flat response in the lower mids, however has a smooth boost in the presence range with a peak gain of 6.3dB centered at 4.4kHz. In the upper-highs, there is another sharp gain of 3.75dB at 15kHz. This can be useful in capturing a crisp, detailed attack along with the high-quality sounding  (harmonically rich) air in instruments.

Overall, the AKG D40 has a natural, sharp tone.

As a sidenote, this microphone should not be confused with the D40-S, which is another totally different microphone (a handheld dynamic vocal mic from AKG).


Frequency Response Graph

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AKG D40 Frequency Response Graph

Technical Specifications

Transducer Type Dynamic
Form Factor End-Address
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Bandwidth 50Hz - 20000Hz
Sensitivity 2.5 mV/Pa
Output Impedance 600 Ω
Rated Input Impedance 2000 Ω
Max. Spl 156 dB SPL
Self Noise 18 dB-A
Signal to noise Ratio N/A
On/Off Switch No
Pads N/A
Connector XLR
Dimensions 104mm(L) x N/A(B) x 79mm(H) x 44mm(D)
Weight 245 grams