AKG D112 MKii image

AKG D112 MKii

Make Brand AKG Acoustics
Series Reference Dynamic
  • Bass Instruments
  • Live
  • Studio
Large Diaphragm dynamic bass microphone with punchy response

The AKG D112 MKii is a large-diaphragm cardioid dynamic microphone featuring a high SPL capacity (of 160dB, meaning it’s practically distortion-proof ) ideal for miking drums and other high SPL applications. It’s suitable for use in studio environments as well as in a live setup.

The frequency response of the AKG D112 Mkii is specifically tailored for kick drums and comes with a wide frequency bandwidth ranging between 20Hz – 17000Hz. The lows (below 100Hz) have a powerful response that delivers a resonant/deep and punchy bass, along with a subtle boost in presence at 3.5kHz that adds balanced clarity to the beater attack/impact sounds in instruments.

Though, it’s also suitable for other low-end instruments such as bass cab, brass instruments, bass amps, percussion etc.

The D112-Mkii is a revised version of its predecessor’s (the D112), coming with an integrated flexible stand mount compared to D112’s rigid mount. Tone-wise and otherwise, both the mics are identical.

Frequency Response Graph

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AKG D112 MKii Frequency Response Graph

Technical Specifications

Transducer Type Large (25.4mm) Diaphragm Dynamic
Form Factor Side-Address
Pickup Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Bandwidth 20Hz - 17000Hz
Sensitivity 1.8 mV/Pa
Output Impedance 210 Ω
Rated Input Impedance 2000 Ω
Max. Spl 160 dB SPL
Self Noise N/A
Signal to noise Ratio N/A
On/Off Switch No
Pads N/A
  • XLR
  • USB
Dimensions 115mm(L) x N/A(B) x 126mm(H) x 70mm(D)
Weight 300 grams